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The Danger of Constructions for Homes & Businesses

  The most dangerous Sha... aka Negative Energy in the Feng Shui world.  And that is Construction.  That includes landscaping, infrastructure constructions, and building constructions.  Basically, anything that disturbs the ground.  Leaving it alone will bring all sorts of negative things in life, from wealth impact to affecting relationships to causing illnesses and injuries. Here in Utah for example, we are famous for Road Constructions everywhere. How do we identify which one will affect us? And which one will not? First, we review the route that we take in our everyday life. Are there any new constructions that popped up recently?  Is there one within a mile radius of your home, or your work?  Do you drive past a construction site every day when you go outside? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you have a problem...  Before we try to place sets to nullify the problem, we always check to see if we can just avoid it in the first place.  Perhaps you can avoid the co

October is here!

Remember to visit the blood drive, or a dentist if you are a Pig or Snake. 🐷🐍 Otherwise, take a risk of getting injured. 😕 Feel free to message for any questions. ☯️


It is Liqiu (Chinese: 立秋; Vietnamese: lập thu; Korean: 입추; Japanese: りっしゅう) once more!  You may not believe it with the 100 degree temperature outside, but Autumn is official here in accordance to the Zodiac calendar. If you were born in the summer season from May 6th to August 7th, then your luck should notice an improvement. While those who are born in the fall & winter season from August 8th to March 5th will notice a change for the worse.


A mirror is one of those items I am already careful when placing around the house.  Although it may be simply a decorative item, the unintended consequence can be dire.  There are generally two types of mirrors: Concave and Convex.  One absorbs and the other rejects.  Depending on where you place it, you could end up absorbing bad energy into other parts of the house or spreading it from a negative source. ☯️ When used correctly, you can reject the external bad energy, or absorb missing positive energy around the house.  If you live in an Asian neighborhood, you may notice Bagua mirrors such as this placed outside: I would advise against placing anything outside (without consulting a professional), especially toward another person's house, since you may harm other people's Feng Shui.  Regardless of how you feel about your neighbor, it is a very immoral thing to inflict negative Feng Shui energy on others.  If something bad happens to them, will you
As summer begins, consider traveling in the directions that will bring you luck! If you were born between May 6th - August 7th, head to the direction North or West from you reside will improve your luck for the year. While those born between August 8th - March 5th, travel East or South. Also, be cautious if you are suffering bad luck this year... Traveling in the opposite direction will have a reverse effect on your luck. ☯️

Summer is here!

Also known as Lixia (Chinese: 立夏, Korean: 입하, Japanese: りっか, Vietnamese: lập hạ), which marks the beginning of summer. Generally speaking, it means a season of good luck for those that were born in the autumn/winter seasons between August 8th to March 5th. ☀️ However, this year is a special case being a Earth-Pig year. Pig is a Water element zodiac sign, and Earth is neutral, which means the year generally benefits spring/summer born more, while it being harmful to autumn/winter born. Overall, it will be an average summer this year in terms of overall lucks. Take precaution and survive until August 8th when autumn begins. 🤞
Flu season is here, there is actually good way to rearrange the Feng Shui of your house to boost immunity for your respiratory system. In Chinese medicine, Metal represent your lung and respiratory system, and they actually use the five elements chart to describe the human body even today. The West and Northwest corner of your home represent the direction of Metal element. By placing an Earth element clock (linked below as an example) in either West or Northwest corner/wall of your home, you can boost the Metal with Earth. Now what constitute an Earth clock? The material is earthen, such as stone. The shape is square. The color is brown or yellow. Just like the examples I linked below. Stay healthy! ☯️ Earth Clock 1: Earth Clock 2: Earth Clock 3: (square, brown, not stone though) Earth Clock 4: (same as ex 3) Earth Clock 5: (ditto) If you found o
March 6th marks the beginning of Jingzhe (Chinese: 驚蟄, Korean: 경칩, Japanese: けいちつ, Vietnamese: kinh trập). Literal translation would be Startle Hibernating Insects, it symbolizes the thunderstorms which wake up the hibernating insects that implies the weather is getting warmer. For those that are born between March 6th to May 5th, you are consider to have a flat life, aka Spring born. The beneficial elements align with those who are born in the summer, while the benefits tend to be slower, but you gain the immunity to any harmful Fire elements. This special time slot of birth also allow you to sleep or travel in any directions.