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How I Became a Feng Shui Millionaire at 36

My name is Tony Lau.  I just want to share my story here of how I became a Feng Shui Millionaire at age 36.  So I am 38 now.  I started the YouTube channel earlier this year as a way to give back to the community.  There is a lot of knowledge in the Feng Shui world that is kept secret, and I want to share the information with the rest of the world. I was born in Hong Kong.  My mother was really into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, she frequently gets our lives analyzed when my siblings and I were young.  I ended up studying with my first mentor through this customer relationship that my parent established. Then I came to the United States with my parents during the 90s.  I kept in contact with my mentor back in Hong Kong, and I make attempt to re-visit Hong Kong each year.  Eventually, I lost contact with him, and later I found out that he passed away. I have studied under different mentors since then. Eventually, I opened my own Feng Shui practice here in Utah in 2007.  Up until that

2020 Health Booster

With the ongoing pandemic, we can all take better care of ourselves and family by placing these health booster sets at home. 😷 For 2020, the #2 Black star and #5 Yellow star are located in the due South and due East area of your home. These are sickness stars. By placing 6 copper coins in a cross shape with 4 on one line and 2 across, then cover the coins with grey cloth. Repeat for the other area. We can neglect the sickness effect over your house for this year. Also, you can place a white round rock with a smooth surface (e.g. river rocks) at the very back center of your home to boost health permanently. ☯️