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The Danger of Constructions for Homes & Businesses

  The most dangerous Sha... aka Negative Energy in the Feng Shui world.  And that is Construction.  That includes landscaping, infrastructure constructions, and building constructions.  Basically, anything that disturbs the ground.  Leaving it alone will bring all sorts of negative things in life, from wealth impact to affecting relationships to causing illnesses and injuries. Here in Utah for example, we are famous for Road Constructions everywhere. How do we identify which one will affect us? And which one will not? First, we review the route that we take in our everyday life. Are there any new constructions that popped up recently?  Is there one within a mile radius of your home, or your work?  Do you drive past a construction site every day when you go outside? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you have a problem...  Before we try to place sets to nullify the problem, we always check to see if we can just avoid it in the first place.  Perhaps you can avoid the co

Needle Plants

Now, what about plants that do not have leaves? Most succulents, cactus, or yucca are categorized as Needle Plants. 🌵 There are not any boosting benefit by having them around the house. Rather we use them to dispel negativities coming into the house or workplace. Think of these plants as warriors guarding your dwelling. Generally, they are placed near windows or glass doors to block harmful energies from coming into your home, since they can be the cause of everyone getting sick. Or a particular traffic pattern causing a business decline. We would use these plants as a natural barrier. If something bothers you outside of your window, try putting one of these plants at windows that are visible to that negativity. The most common ones I have seen are sharp objects, satellite dishes, or other eyesore decoratives that had been put up by their neighbors, and are pointing toward their homes. One solution is to simply ask them nicely to take them down... If that does not work, put a needle p