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How I Became a Feng Shui Millionaire at 36

My name is Tony Lau.  I just want to share my story here of how I became a Feng Shui Millionaire at age 36.  So I am 38 now.  I started the YouTube channel earlier this year as a way to give back to the community.  There is a lot of knowledge in the Feng Shui world that is kept secret, and I want to share the information with the rest of the world. I was born in Hong Kong.  My mother was really into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, she frequently gets our lives analyzed when my siblings and I were young.  I ended up studying with my first mentor through this customer relationship that my parent established. Then I came to the United States with my parents during the 90s.  I kept in contact with my mentor back in Hong Kong, and I make attempt to re-visit Hong Kong each year.  Eventually, I lost contact with him, and later I found out that he passed away. I have studied under different mentors since then. Eventually, I opened my own Feng Shui practice here in Utah in 2007.  Up until that

How I Became a Feng Shui Millionaire at 36

My name is Tony Lau.  I just want to share my story here of how I became a Feng Shui Millionaire at age 36.  So I am 38 now.  I started the YouTube channel earlier this year as a way to give back to the community.  There is a lot of knowledge in the Feng Shui world that is kept secret, and I want to share the information with the rest of the world. I was born in Hong Kong.  My mother was really into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, she frequently gets our lives analyzed when my siblings and I were young.  I ended up studying with my first mentor through this customer relationship that my parent established. Then I came to the United States with my parents during the 90s.  I kept in contact with my mentor back in Hong Kong, and I make attempt to re-visit Hong Kong each year.  Eventually, I lost contact with him, and later I found out that he passed away. I have studied under different mentors since then. Eventually, I opened my own Feng Shui practice here in Utah in 2007.  Up until that

Picking Your Feng Shui Name 📛

Today I will go through why naming has such importance in the Feng Shui world.  Picking a good name can boost your career, help with publicity, and create good luck.  This is why some celebrities decide to change their name when their career takes off, or go with a stage name. On the contrary, picking a bad name might create some unnecessary bad luck, impact career, and in the worst-case scenario... causing death. There are various ways of Feng Shui masters picking names for individuals.  The popular method seems to be counting pen strokes.  I was taught this method as well when I was following my third mentor.  However, it rarely seems to work, so I stick with the original method I learned from my very first mentor, Master Fung. He used the traditional elemental method based on the elements you need in life.  I further refined this method based on your season of birth.  For example, if you are a summer-born, then you will most likely need Water and Metal.  If you are an autumn/winter

Are You Dating a Psychopath?

 Wouldn't you want to know if you are dating a psychopath?  Personality comes in two forms, inner and outer.  One we use to show others, and the other side we kept at home with ourselves and families.  In this video, I will go through each of the personality conflicts, which can potentially lead to someone being identified as a "psychopath." From the Dating series, we learned that there are 10 Stands or 10 Gods literally translated.  Check out the series if you haven't seen them yet. The 10 personalities are: - Official - Power  - Positive Seal - Partial Seal - Positive Wealth - Partial Wealth - Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Robbery - God of Cookery - Wounded Officer A brief on Bazi (八字), we call them by many different ways, Four Pillars of Destiny with 2 Words in each of the pillars, which translate to 8 words and are calculated into 8 different Stands, which defines who you are.  The Stand at the bottom of your Day pillar is commonly known as the "Couple Palace",

How to Boost your Front Door with Feng Shui

Today I will revisit the topic of how to boost your Front Door. How to find the right front door? What are some of the basic and simple ways to boost the luck for your front door? And what are some of the more advanced methods? Between now to 2024, Northwest and Southeast are the ideal directions.  The basic setup will always be Water items by the front door and white river rock in the rear. There is also the concern of finding the "Right" door.  Facing comes in 24 variations, also known as the 24 mountain.  Northwest and Southeast are the ideal directions until 2024. For advanced setup, we will use the element to further boost the door:   North, use 4 lucky bamboos and an old key, or other metal objects Northeast, use gray carpet with wall light East, use a coffee color carpet with 4 lucky bamboos Southeast, use yellow carpet with one lucky bamboo South, use pink carpet with any type of plants Southwest, use a gray Carpet with wall light West,  use a black carpet Northwest,

Traveling with Feng Shui

 In this video, I will tell you everything you need to know about traveling with Feng Shui. Where you need to go to get some good luck? And where you want to avoid bad luck... Does it matter where you stay? Anything has to with what you eat? And what happens if you did the complete opposite? Whether you are traveling for a vacation or going to work every day. That is traveling.  The general rule is that if you were born in the Spring/Summer, travel:  N, NW, W, SW directions.  Autumn/Winter borns will travel S, SE, E, NE directions. Early in the year, I mentioned the luck projection for every one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Not everyone was good, and I recommended some of them to travel. There is a reason for that. When you travel in the "right" direction, you can improve your luck in a positive direction. Obviously, doing the opposite would have the reverse effect. Especially for this year, if your sign is the Ox, Snake, Monkey, or Pig. Then you should definitely consider tr

How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen

  In this video, I will go through exactly how you can Feng Shui in your kitchen.  Identify if there is a risk to your kitchen.  How to mitigate the risk to avoid getting sick if there is a bad spot in your kitchen. The most obvious problem to a Feng Shui practitioner is the permanent negative spot overlaps with the Kitchen.  Every home has a bad spot, it is also known as the "Five Ghost" spot.   When we went through the annual Feng Shui, we mentioned Black Star #2 and Yellow Star #5.  If the stars overlap with your kitchen.  Place the copper coin with gray cloth set, and in additionally place a yellow card underneath the oven. This next step is a bit advanced, for those that new to Feng Shui.  Currently, we are in the 8th cycle from 2004 to 2023.  There are a total of 9 cycle, which repeats every 180 years.   The key thing is to see if you have the star 2, 3, 5 in a single sector that happens to be in your kitchen.  We call the owner's curse.  This is one of the more sev

How To Boost Your Health With Feng Shui

Today, I will go through everything you can do to improve your health both long term and short term with Feng Shui.  This will always help with your health regardless of where you live. First, we need a White River Rock.  It can be as big as a boulder if you live in a mansion, or as small as a palm-size rock that you can find on the side of the road, or out in the nature trails. I recommend going through landscaping stores for better selections. We want to place this rock in the rear center of your home, apartment, condo, or dorm room.  Wherever you call home.  If you have a backyard, place it in the rear center of your property line, or fence.  If you live in an apartment or condo, place it at the very center rear wall.  Same with the dorm room, place it in the rear center wall of the space you occupy. This is the first step to ensuring a healthier life for everyone living in the residence. Life booster is a little trickier, as it requires a life analysis.  I usually don't recomme

Everything About Water In Feng Shui

Today I will take a dive into the meaning of Water in Feng Shui, and the relationship to our Wealth.  I will also go through each set of items you can use as "Water".  Water means Wealth in Feng Shui, which translates to monetary gains.  So unless you do not like money, you will want to pay attention to this video.  By utilizing the Water elemental properly, we can all become wealthier. Throughout history, we can tell that most flourishing areas had been near water.  You need water to grow food, areas near water develop commerce and economic growth.  It is still true today.  Many of the major cities in the world were been built next to the water. What if you live in the middle of the desert?  In Feng Shui, we don't just consider Water source as Wealth.  We would also consider Roads as a source of wealth as well. Freeways, in particular, are important "Water" when we analyze the Wealth in an area.  If the government decides to build or expand a road to an area, y

The Danger of Constructions for Homes & Businesses

  The most dangerous Sha... aka Negative Energy in the Feng Shui world.  And that is Construction.  That includes landscaping, infrastructure constructions, and building constructions.  Basically, anything that disturbs the ground.  Leaving it alone will bring all sorts of negative things in life, from wealth impact to affecting relationships to causing illnesses and injuries. Here in Utah for example, we are famous for Road Constructions everywhere. How do we identify which one will affect us? And which one will not? First, we review the route that we take in our everyday life. Are there any new constructions that popped up recently?  Is there one within a mile radius of your home, or your work?  Do you drive past a construction site every day when you go outside? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you have a problem...  Before we try to place sets to nullify the problem, we always check to see if we can just avoid it in the first place.  Perhaps you can avoid the co

Using Mirrors and Clocks to Improve Your Health

To what degrees are the dangers of randomly putting mirrors and clocks around your house?  It could be in a lot of trouble to your home if these items were placed incorrectly around your home.  What to avoid, and how to properly use mirrors and clocks.  When done correctly, it will provide great health benefits to your household. The Golden rule is to never place these items facing a door or entryway.  Unless you know what you are doing. Mirrors and clocks have this trait to absorb and bounce off the benefit AND harms in a different sector of the home.  If you are not sure what you are doing, you might end up bounce off negative energy all over your home, which induces a series of unnecessary bad luck for you and your family. So how do we actually put the mirrors around our home? A huge caution when trying to do it yourself, I always recommend getting professional advice when it comes to placing mirrors since they can be quite tricky. There are two types of mirrors, Convex or Concave. 

How To Feng Shui Your Office

Exactly how do you Feng Shui your office?  Is your desk positioned right?  Is it facing the correct direction?  What are some decorations you can place around your office? The desk position is the most important part of your office.  The golden rule is never to have your back against the door.  Always always always try to face the front door.  It definitely helps with office energy flow and also stabilizes your mentality.  When you have your back against the door, you are constantly operating in a state of fear.  Is someone going to jump scare at you any moment?  It put you in a state of being stab in the back by others.  You are operating at a 50% capacity when you have your back exposed to the door.   I'm always curious about company CEOs and how they sit in their office because it gives me an insight into how that company will perform under the leadership of the CEOs.  If I remember seeing a picture of Steve Ballmer's office desk, he had his back exposed to the door and Micr

Feng Shui Your Wallet

Is it the color of your wallet? Will you lose your wallet this year? I will even show you what's in my wallet! No. I don't have a Capital One Venture card. For colors, it's similar to what I already mentioned in another video, check it out if you have not seen it. For Spring/Summer borns, go with White, Gold, Silver, Grey, Blue, or other cool colors. For Autumn/Winter borns, go with Green, Teal, Red, Orange, or other warm colors. If you have mixed seasons, go with neutral colors, such as brown, cream, or beige. For 2021, if you were born during the Monkey zodiac year, then you need to be careful about your wallet going missing. Since you have the Forgotten Deity star following you. Basically, the star will make you more forgetful in terms of misplacing your personal items, such as your cellphone or wallet. Be careful if you are riding an Uber or Lyft around town. It might be worthwhile to stick a Tile or AirTag on your wallet for this year.

How to Cook Japchae for a Party

This is a special episode that slightly deviates to showcase.  Japchae is a dish I taught at a cooking class about 2 years ago, and I would like to document it in a video format since in-person classes are currently unavailable. Food is an important part of the Feng Shui Lifestyle.  I find it to be a peaceful way to unload stress in cooking.  This video was not sponsored by anyone. Ingredients: Bulgogi Beef - 4 oz Shiitake Mushroom – 3-6 pcs White Mushroom – 5 pcs Garlic Cloves – 4 cloves Sugar* - Optional Soy Sauce Spinach – 4 oz Sweet Potato Noodles – 4 oz Green Onion – 3 pieces Yellow Onions – 1 pcs Carrot – 1 pcs Red Bell Pepper – 1 pcs  Grounded Black Pepper Salt Sesame Oil Cooking Oil Eggs – 2 Toasted Sesame Seed Cooking Steps: Slice bulgogi to 1/4-inch pieces, or purchase pre-sliced steak. Place in a bowl, add 1 minced garlic glove, 2 tsp of soy sauce, (optional) 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of sesame oil, and a handful of grounded black pepper.  Mix well. Soak shiitake mushrooms in wa

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How exactly does Feng Shui work with your bedroom?  The bedroom is one of our most sacred spaces at home.  We, humans, spend 1/3 of our time sleeping in our bed, and we should all be maximizing its potential. Maybe you are having headaches for unknown reasons?  Is your dating life or relationship running into issues?  Are you getting sick for no reason?  These are all common problems I have seen when a bedroom is not properly Feng Shui. First, the thing you will want to get right is Bed position.  Identify some possible directions, possibly the walls you could place your bed in.  Do you mind free-flowing your bed if need?  If space permits, some people like to place their bed in the middle of the room.  Avoid aligning the bed along the wall that you open your main bedroom door.  Also, avoid aligning the bed toward your bathroom.  One exception to this rule is if you are a single guy looking for love, as this will bring you a lot of love.  Stop if you are getting sick though... generall

Everything You Need To Know About Plants with Feng Shui

We will go through different types of plants used in Feng Shui sets and decorations. Similar to what you already know in life about plants, they are a vital part of our livelihood by providing oxygen to humans. In Feng Shui, different types of plants can become our benefactors, guardians, or caretakers. Different types of plants fall under different categories. If you place them anywhere, they are just decorations with non-harmful effects with a few exceptions. By placing plants in strategic locations around your home or business, they will trigger certain benefits. The 3 main categories of plants are Water-based Plant, Sharp Needle Plants, and Leafy Plants. Each has its own unique purpose to accelerate and generate wealth, they can also block leakage of wealth, as well as create Wenchang energy for studying and those with desk jobs.
Today we will go through the Top 5 Feng Shui items you can place outside of your front door, whether be your home, bedroom, office, or business. The front door is the most vital location of a house or business since that is where everyone comes in and goes, which translates to energy flowing in and out. 1. Guardian Lions or Fu Dog 2. Pixiu 3. Dragon 4. Toad 5. Elephant Bonus: Kirin

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

  What is the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet?  In today's episode, I went over everything about this bracelet. What it is really... What it is not...  How you should use it...  Who should actually consider wearing it... I also included a side segment on Tai Sui for 2021, and what type of jewelry you should be wearing to prevent the negative Tai Sui effect on you. Namely Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog. Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet ​ Autumn/Winter version ​ Rat Wearables: Rat Bracelet ​ Rat Pendant Necklace ​ Rooster/Chicken Wearables: Chicken Necklace ​ Chicken Bracelet ​ Horse Wearables: Horse Bracelet ​ Horse Bracelet 2 ​ Horse Pendant ​ Rabbit Wearables: Rabbit Necklace ​ Rabbit's Foot

Picking the Right Colors for You

Colors do matter when it comes to home and business decors.  From the car that you drive to the clothes that you wear, the colors of your wall to the furniture in your office.  This is definitely a sensitive topic in our current political environment today.  It could easily be misinterpreted as something else. The focus will be on the usage of different colors in Feng Shui.  We use them in many areas of life.  Where would we apply the colors with Feng Shui?  The floors, walls, and ceilings in your home will be a great start.  While contrast is good, you don't want conflicting colors, such as Red and Black.  Since Red is Fire and Black is Water.  We call that "Water-Fire Clashing" in Feng Shui, which will put whoever lives in these environments in a constant state of battle.  As you get older, you become vulnerable to health effects as well. Fire represents our Heart, Eyes, and Skin.  While Water represents our Kidney and Bladder.  Males are more vulnerable to heart proble

Top 3 Feng Shui Set For Your Workspace or Office

Here are the top 3 sets you can place at work in your office, cubicle, or desk. 1. Boost for Promotion & Raise Set Are you gearing up for a promotion at work? Do you want to get better raise? This is the set you will need to place at work. First we need to locate the 3 wealth stars from the current year Flying Stars chart. Simply locate the 3 wealth stars: Northwest, Red Star #7 West, White Star #8 Northeast, Purple Star #9 Place a water item in the respective locations around your office.  If space permits and maximize benefit, consider putting a fish tank, aquarium, or fish bowl with a few black rocks inside.  Alternatively, place a water plant, such as lucky bamboo. A single bamboo will do the work.  At the very least, Otherwise a glass of water without a lid, so the water is breathable.  As a last resort, place a black sticker at the quadrant, as black = water in Feng Shui. 2. Protect Your Career Set Is your company going through a layoff?  Are you at risk of being terminat

Earth Investments... aka Real Estate

Earth element is the most involved since its affiliated with Real Estate and other traditional investing sectors.  I will go through each of the investment sectors in this video.

Wood & Fire Investments

What type of investments affiliates with Metal and Water elements?  I will be revealing a long list of investments along with the secret to my success.  

Metal & Water Investments

What type of investments affiliates with Metal and Water elements?  I will be revealing a long list of investments along with the secret to my success.

Predicting the Stock Market for 2021

Here's my prediction of the market for 2021, this formula had been right 70% of the times in the past 20 years.

Love is Complicated

 In this episode, I used a few real-world examples from real people.  Let's take a look at why Love can be so Complicated!

Foodie? Or an exciting person?

Is your lover a born foodie?!  Or is he or she the exciting type?  Find out how you can screen your date or spouse with just their birthday:

Selfish... or Selfless?

Do you have a selfish lover? Or the total opposite being a completely selfless person?  Find out how you can screen your date or spouse with just their birthday:

How to Marry a Rich Guy or Girl?

  Perhaps one of the most mysterious questions of the universe when it comes to dating... how does one marry a rich person?  Mathematically speaking, there are 4 out of 60 days that one can be born into potential wealth.

Are you dating a Nice Guy or Strange Girl?

Generally, there are 10 possibilities in terms of dating preferences.  They are be generally categorized into 5 sub-types. The second group we will discuss is the Nice Guy/Girl and Strange Guy/Girl.  

Are you dating someone that is Disciplined or an Alpha?

Generally, there are 10 possibilities in terms of dating preferences.  They are be generally categorized into 5 sub-types. The first group we will discuss is the Disciplined and Alpha group. See video for more:  

How to Feng Shui your Home & Business for 2021

For 2021, the annual flying star movements are as following for each sector: Southeast,  Yellow Star #5, we will place 6 copper coins with a gray cloth on top. South, White Star #1, we will place a water plant with a metal object, such as an old key, or a music box. Southwest, Green Star #3, we will place a pink object. East, Green Star #4, we will place a Wenchang Pagoda, Chinese Brush Holder with 4 brushes, or 4 Lucky Bamboo in Water. Center, White Star #6, we will place 8 white pebbles. West, White Star #8, we will place water. Northeast, Purple Star #9, we will place water. North, Black Star #2, we will place 6 copper coins with a gray cloth on top. Northwest, Red Star #7, we will place water. If you have difficulty finding some of these items, I placed some links below for you - Wenchang Pagoda: Economy - Plus - Premium -   Chinese Brush Holder Set: (Just hang 4 brushes) Economy - Premi

2021 Rat

  We are finally at our last zodiac sign for this 2021 analysis journey.  Generally, the order starts with Rat as the first sign, but I like to begin with the current year sign first, that way everyone can have a turn being first each year.  Here is how you know if you have the Rat zodiac sign from your birth year: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 Last year was not very kind to those with the Rat zodiac sign being a Tai Sui year, along with many other negative factors from 2020.  Since Ox is Rat's best friend, this year will be a much better year due to the Joint with Tai Sui. For Wealth, Rat is ranked 8th, still considered above average due to plenty of good signs this year.  Normally average is around 6th place, but this year 8th place is still considered above average compared to a regular year. For Relationship, Rat is ranked 4th place among the top 4th signs, primarily due to the help from Tai Sui jointing.  It will be a year to restore any lost friendships

2021 Pig

 If I have to pick a favorite Chinese zodiac sign, then Pig would be it.  There are a lot of my close friends and families who have the Pig sign, including myself.  To confirm you are a pig, check and see if you were born in these years (after the current year and before February 3-5 of the following year): 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, and 2031 For example, 29 January 1984 is still a Pig even though 1984 is a Rat year.    Last year was great for Pigs, but this year is going to be rough.  "Defense" is the recommended strategy, don't take any unnecessary risks, such as starting a business. Wealth is rank 11th out of 12th, primarily due to other zodiac signs are doing great this year.    The only positive star is Pegasus.  It is more of a semi-positive star.  The effect is comparable to the Reversal Horse star, there will be a lot of movements involved this year.  It could be traveling, moving, and you may end up spending more money than expected, which pu

2021 Dog

Dogs are great, they are one of human's best friends!  We will be discussing the outlook for those who were born under the year of Dog in the Chinese zodiac sign.  The years are as following: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 Dog has the Punish Tai Sui effect this year.  It is not a major concern due to it being the least harmful Tai Sui effect compared to the Committing, Charging, and Breaking Tai Sui effects.  The effect will mainly cause quarreling within your relationships.  Thus, putting the Relationship ranking at 10th place this year. Also, watch out for digestion types of diseases this year.  Particularly during April, July, October, and next January. Especially for the Dog month in October and the charging month in April. These are two particularly important months to be careful about for what you eat. Eat light and easy to digest food, nothing too greasy or cold, such as fried or cold served food. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom.

2021 Rooster

Rooster, yes, one of my pet peeves in Chinese zodiac name translation.  I generally prefer to call this zodiac "Chicken" instead due to its gender neutrality. Calling it "Rooster" just seems like I'm assuming everyone who was born in a "Rooster" year a male?  Regardless of your naming preference, the year requirements are the same: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 "Chicken", yes, that's how I will refer to this zodiac sign from here on.  They had an unlucky run with several years of bad luck, and I am happy to announce that this year will be a turnaround year for Chicken. Despite Wealth ranking 9th out of 12, which is not bad considering the number of exceptional good signs we have this year. There are a total of five positive stars for Chicken this year:  Eight-Pedestal, General, Heaven Resolve, Divine Solution, and Golden Chamber. The Eight-Pedestal and General stars will boost career status this year.  It is great news fo

2021 Monkey

Monkey is considered the brat among their zodiac peers due to their quick intellect and stubbornness.  These years will determine if you are a monkey or not, assuming it is between February 4th/5th to the following year: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, and 2028 Last year was not a bad year at all for the Monkey due to a Tai Sui jointing.  This year will be great for Monkey as well, as I ranked them at 2nd in terms of Relationship.  It will definitely increase the chance of marriage, improve joy in the current relationship, help rekindle past ones, and repair any cracks in any of them. Wealth is actually not bad either despite ranking 6th out of 12.  Primarily due to Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog are exceptionally good this year taking up the first 4 spots. Tiger also has the Red Joyous, which is better than the Heaven Celebrated star that the Monkey has this year, so they took the top spot in Relationship. The positive stars for Monkey this year consists of Heaven Ce

2021 Sheep

Now for the proudest zodiac sign, Sheep, or some prefers to say "Goat"?  Regardless of how you identify your zodiac animal, you can determine you are either a sheep or goat if  you were born any one of these years: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, and 2015 This year Sheep will be Charging Tai Sui, meaning you are the zodiac sign that is 6 years apart from the current zodiac sign.  It represents a change in your relationship. At a glance, it will be better for folks that were born in the Spring and Summer season, particularly due to the Wood & Fire elemental neutralize Metal Ox this year.  While it will be for the worse for those born in the Autumn and Winter season.  A good year to stay on the defensive, perform a cleansing, and reflect on life. It is a year of change for Sheep this year, you can expect many updates in life in areas such as relationships, living situations, and careers.  The changes in relationships can come in many forms, either good or ba

2021 Horse

We are at the halfway point as we approach the zodiac sign, Horse.  These are the years to determine if you are a horse or not: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026 Horse received mixed feedback this year depending on the school of Feng Shui you follow.  Some determined they are #1 this year.  However, using the traditional method, they are in the mid-tier only.  It is definitely still going to be a year without breaks for Horse. Charge ahead is the way to go for Horse, as everything falls in your pathway.  The only downside this year if you just sit around and do nothing. For positive stars, there is only the Moon Virtue star.  It can nullify other negative stars.  This is a gentle soul star, meaning if it does not seek revenge. If someone does something bad to you, such as filing a report against you behind your back, and you will just swallow it to minimize the relationship impact. Thus improving relationships in the process. For negative stars, there are Salted

2021 Snake

 After Dragon, we have Snake, did you know these two signs are best friends?  These would be years for Snake if you were born in any of them: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 Snake is having a Triple-Joint with Tai Sui year.  Meaning it will boost your overall luck for this year, especially for relationships.  Charging forward is the theme for Snake this year. Despite wealth only ranked 10th, it is not bad compared to other years because there are many very good signs for wealth this year.  The relationship area received an extra boost from Tai Sui jointing.  Everything will flow smoother if relationships are great with others.  There will support from distanced benefactors as well. For positive stars, there are the Gold Palanquin and Three-Stage stars.  Both of these stars will help elevate social status.  They also help with decision making, saving money, and helping your talent shine this year. With the combined effect from the distanced benefactor and relationsh

2021 Dragon

Congratulation is in order for the Dragon zodiac sign this year!  Not everyone can be a Dragon despite how cool it sounds, and you are in luck if you were born in any of these years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 This year there will a hidden wealth attributed to Dragon, and it will great for wealth accumulation.  It is one thing to spend, and another to accumulate them.  Out of all 12 zodiac signs this year, Dragon is ranked 1st.  It will be particularly beneficial for those that earn unstable income or commission-based jobs, such as those who work in insurance, retail, real estate, or other business sectors. Compared to salary based careers, which is not quite as helpful, since it's unlikely that you will suddenly get a massive raise from your boss. The relationship area for Dragon is heavily impacted by Breaking Tai Sui this year.  That put you down in 9th.  Whenever a zodiac sign is affected by Tai Sui negatively that year, it is never good for the relationship