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How I Became a Feng Shui Millionaire at 36

My name is Tony Lau.  I just want to share my story here of how I became a Feng Shui Millionaire at age 36.  So I am 38 now.  I started the YouTube channel earlier this year as a way to give back to the community.  There is a lot of knowledge in the Feng Shui world that is kept secret, and I want to share the information with the rest of the world. I was born in Hong Kong.  My mother was really into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, she frequently gets our lives analyzed when my siblings and I were young.  I ended up studying with my first mentor through this customer relationship that my parent established. Then I came to the United States with my parents during the 90s.  I kept in contact with my mentor back in Hong Kong, and I make attempt to re-visit Hong Kong each year.  Eventually, I lost contact with him, and later I found out that he passed away. I have studied under different mentors since then. Eventually, I opened my own Feng Shui practice here in Utah in 2007.  Up until that
Today we will go through the Top 5 Feng Shui items you can place outside of your front door, whether be your home, bedroom, office, or business. The front door is the most vital location of a house or business since that is where everyone comes in and goes, which translates to energy flowing in and out. 1. Guardian Lions or Fu Dog 2. Pixiu 3. Dragon 4. Toad 5. Elephant Bonus: Kirin

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

  What is the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet?  In today's episode, I went over everything about this bracelet. What it is really... What it is not...  How you should use it...  Who should actually consider wearing it... I also included a side segment on Tai Sui for 2021, and what type of jewelry you should be wearing to prevent the negative Tai Sui effect on you. Namely Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog. Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet ​ Autumn/Winter version ​ Rat Wearables: Rat Bracelet ​ Rat Pendant Necklace ​ Rooster/Chicken Wearables: Chicken Necklace ​ Chicken Bracelet ​ Horse Wearables: Horse Bracelet ​ Horse Bracelet 2 ​ Horse Pendant ​ Rabbit Wearables: Rabbit Necklace ​ Rabbit's Foot

Picking the Right Colors for You

Colors do matter when it comes to home and business decors.  From the car that you drive to the clothes that you wear, the colors of your wall to the furniture in your office.  This is definitely a sensitive topic in our current political environment today.  It could easily be misinterpreted as something else. The focus will be on the usage of different colors in Feng Shui.  We use them in many areas of life.  Where would we apply the colors with Feng Shui?  The floors, walls, and ceilings in your home will be a great start.  While contrast is good, you don't want conflicting colors, such as Red and Black.  Since Red is Fire and Black is Water.  We call that "Water-Fire Clashing" in Feng Shui, which will put whoever lives in these environments in a constant state of battle.  As you get older, you become vulnerable to health effects as well. Fire represents our Heart, Eyes, and Skin.  While Water represents our Kidney and Bladder.  Males are more vulnerable to heart proble

Top 3 Feng Shui Set For Your Workspace or Office

Here are the top 3 sets you can place at work in your office, cubicle, or desk. 1. Boost for Promotion & Raise Set Are you gearing up for a promotion at work? Do you want to get better raise? This is the set you will need to place at work. First we need to locate the 3 wealth stars from the current year Flying Stars chart. Simply locate the 3 wealth stars: Northwest, Red Star #7 West, White Star #8 Northeast, Purple Star #9 Place a water item in the respective locations around your office.  If space permits and maximize benefit, consider putting a fish tank, aquarium, or fish bowl with a few black rocks inside.  Alternatively, place a water plant, such as lucky bamboo. A single bamboo will do the work.  At the very least, Otherwise a glass of water without a lid, so the water is breathable.  As a last resort, place a black sticker at the quadrant, as black = water in Feng Shui. 2. Protect Your Career Set Is your company going through a layoff?  Are you at risk of being terminat