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Are You Dating a Psychopath?

 Wouldn't you want to know if you are dating a psychopath?  Personality comes in two forms, inner and outer.  One we use to show others, and the other side we kept at home with ourselves and families.  In this video, I will go through each of the personality conflicts, which can potentially lead to someone being identified as a "psychopath." From the Dating series, we learned that there are 10 Stands or 10 Gods literally translated.  Check out the series if you haven't seen them yet. The 10 personalities are: - Official - Power  - Positive Seal - Partial Seal - Positive Wealth - Partial Wealth - Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Robbery - God of Cookery - Wounded Officer A brief on Bazi (八字), we call them by many different ways, Four Pillars of Destiny with 2 Words in each of the pillars, which translate to 8 words and are calculated into 8 different Stands, which defines who you are.  The Stand at the bottom of your Day pillar is commonly known as the "Couple Palace",

Feng Shui Your Wallet

Is it the color of your wallet? Will you lose your wallet this year? I will even show you what's in my wallet! No. I don't have a Capital One Venture card. For colors, it's similar to what I already mentioned in another video, check it out if you have not seen it. For Spring/Summer borns, go with White, Gold, Silver, Grey, Blue, or other cool colors. For Autumn/Winter borns, go with Green, Teal, Red, Orange, or other warm colors. If you have mixed seasons, go with neutral colors, such as brown, cream, or beige. For 2021, if you were born during the Monkey zodiac year, then you need to be careful about your wallet going missing. Since you have the Forgotten Deity star following you. Basically, the star will make you more forgetful in terms of misplacing your personal items, such as your cellphone or wallet. Be careful if you are riding an Uber or Lyft around town. It might be worthwhile to stick a Tile or AirTag on your wallet for this year.

How to Cook Japchae for a Party

This is a special episode that slightly deviates to showcase.  Japchae is a dish I taught at a cooking class about 2 years ago, and I would like to document it in a video format since in-person classes are currently unavailable. Food is an important part of the Feng Shui Lifestyle.  I find it to be a peaceful way to unload stress in cooking.  This video was not sponsored by anyone. Ingredients: Bulgogi Beef - 4 oz Shiitake Mushroom – 3-6 pcs White Mushroom – 5 pcs Garlic Cloves – 4 cloves Sugar* - Optional Soy Sauce Spinach – 4 oz Sweet Potato Noodles – 4 oz Green Onion – 3 pieces Yellow Onions – 1 pcs Carrot – 1 pcs Red Bell Pepper – 1 pcs  Grounded Black Pepper Salt Sesame Oil Cooking Oil Eggs – 2 Toasted Sesame Seed Cooking Steps: Slice bulgogi to 1/4-inch pieces, or purchase pre-sliced steak. Place in a bowl, add 1 minced garlic glove, 2 tsp of soy sauce, (optional) 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of sesame oil, and a handful of grounded black pepper.  Mix well. Soak shiitake mushrooms in wa

Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How exactly does Feng Shui work with your bedroom?  The bedroom is one of our most sacred spaces at home.  We, humans, spend 1/3 of our time sleeping in our bed, and we should all be maximizing its potential. Maybe you are having headaches for unknown reasons?  Is your dating life or relationship running into issues?  Are you getting sick for no reason?  These are all common problems I have seen when a bedroom is not properly Feng Shui. First, the thing you will want to get right is Bed position.  Identify some possible directions, possibly the walls you could place your bed in.  Do you mind free-flowing your bed if need?  If space permits, some people like to place their bed in the middle of the room.  Avoid aligning the bed along the wall that you open your main bedroom door.  Also, avoid aligning the bed toward your bathroom.  One exception to this rule is if you are a single guy looking for love, as this will bring you a lot of love.  Stop if you are getting sick though... generall

Everything You Need To Know About Plants with Feng Shui

We will go through different types of plants used in Feng Shui sets and decorations. Similar to what you already know in life about plants, they are a vital part of our livelihood by providing oxygen to humans. In Feng Shui, different types of plants can become our benefactors, guardians, or caretakers. Different types of plants fall under different categories. If you place them anywhere, they are just decorations with non-harmful effects with a few exceptions. By placing plants in strategic locations around your home or business, they will trigger certain benefits. The 3 main categories of plants are Water-based Plant, Sharp Needle Plants, and Leafy Plants. Each has its own unique purpose to accelerate and generate wealth, they can also block leakage of wealth, as well as create Wenchang energy for studying and those with desk jobs.