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Are You Dating a Psychopath?

 Wouldn't you want to know if you are dating a psychopath?  Personality comes in two forms, inner and outer.  One we use to show others, and the other side we kept at home with ourselves and families.  In this video, I will go through each of the personality conflicts, which can potentially lead to someone being identified as a "psychopath." From the Dating series, we learned that there are 10 Stands or 10 Gods literally translated.  Check out the series if you haven't seen them yet. The 10 personalities are: - Official - Power  - Positive Seal - Partial Seal - Positive Wealth - Partial Wealth - Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Robbery - God of Cookery - Wounded Officer A brief on Bazi (八字), we call them by many different ways, Four Pillars of Destiny with 2 Words in each of the pillars, which translate to 8 words and are calculated into 8 different Stands, which defines who you are.  The Stand at the bottom of your Day pillar is commonly known as the "Couple Palace",

The Danger of Constructions for Homes & Businesses


The most dangerous Sha... aka Negative Energy in the Feng Shui world.  And that is Construction.  That includes landscaping, infrastructure constructions, and building constructions.  Basically, anything that disturbs the ground.  Leaving it alone will bring all sorts of negative things in life, from wealth impact to affecting relationships to causing illnesses and injuries.

Here in Utah for example, we are famous for Road Constructions everywhere. How do we identify which one will affect us? And which one will not?

First, we review the route that we take in our everyday life. Are there any new constructions that popped up recently?  Is there one within a mile radius of your home, or your work?  Do you drive past a construction site every day when you go outside?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you have a problem... 

Before we try to place sets to nullify the problem, we always check to see if we can just avoid it in the first place.  Perhaps you can avoid the construction area by taking a different route?  It will be worthwhile even just adding 5 minutes to your day.

If you absolutely cannot avoid it, such as a new construction building next door, a major landscaping project in your backyard, or the road construction is just right outside of your home.

Then we will have to place the "Ultimate Feng Shui Set" at the affected home or business.

First, we identify all of the windows that can visibly see the construction site.  Determine the facing direction of the windows, if any.  Then we locate the main entrance to the home or business, if there are multiple ones, use the one with the most traffic.  Determine the facing direction of the entrance as well.

Gather five items belonging to each of the five elements:

-Water Item, a glass of water, a water plant, or at the very least, something black. 

- Wood Item, a dirt-based plant, something green, or even a piece of wood.  Check out this plant video for more ideas.

- Fire Item, anything that is red, such as Chinese Red Pocket Envelope, any Asian markets or stores will sell them.

- Earth Item, a white pebble, or rock.

- Metal Item, a copper coin, the American Quarter, or 1 Euro coins are great for this set.

For this first version, we will line them up in a straight line in the order of the Five Element.

Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal

The most important part about this version is knowing the facing direction.

If the direction of the window or door is South, we want to place the Water item first, followed by Metal-Earth-Fire-Wood

The idea is that we have the Fire element coming through the South entrance, we will use a strengthened Water to push it out, supported by all five elements, which is why I call this the Ultimate set.

For the North entrance, we will place Earth first, followed by Fire-Wood-Water-Metal.

For West/Northwest, we will place Fire first, followed by Wood-Water-Metal-Earth

For East/Southeast, we will place Metal first, followed by Earth-Fire-Wood-Water

For Northeast/Southwest, we will place Wood first, followed by Water-Metal-Earth-Fire

If space is limited, I will recommend Version 2 of this year, instead of a line, you place the 5 items in a ring in clockwise order with Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal to complete the circle.

When placed this way, you don't have to figure out the direction of your entrance or windows.  As the intent is rather than to push out the negative energy, you are capturing and neutralizing the negative energy with the Five-element set.

I recommend businesses use this method instead, as negative energy can often be great for business, banks do it all the time with the Lion statue and a huge lobby.  Those are actually part of a bigger Feng Shui set when they first design the layout, and that is how they capture all of your money.


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