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Are You Dating a Psychopath?

 Wouldn't you want to know if you are dating a psychopath?  Personality comes in two forms, inner and outer.  One we use to show others, and the other side we kept at home with ourselves and families.  In this video, I will go through each of the personality conflicts, which can potentially lead to someone being identified as a "psychopath." From the Dating series, we learned that there are 10 Stands or 10 Gods literally translated.  Check out the series if you haven't seen them yet. The 10 personalities are: - Official - Power  - Positive Seal - Partial Seal - Positive Wealth - Partial Wealth - Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Robbery - God of Cookery - Wounded Officer A brief on Bazi (八字), we call them by many different ways, Four Pillars of Destiny with 2 Words in each of the pillars, which translate to 8 words and are calculated into 8 different Stands, which defines who you are.  The Stand at the bottom of your Day pillar is commonly known as the "Couple Palace",

How To Boost Your Health With Feng Shui

Today, I will go through everything you can do to improve your health both long term and short term with Feng Shui.  This will always help with your health regardless of where you live. First, we need a White River Rock.  It can be as big as a boulder if you live in a mansion, or as small as a palm-size rock that you can find on the side of the road, or out in the nature trails. I recommend going through landscaping stores for better selections.

We want to place this rock in the rear center of your home, apartment, condo, or dorm room.  Wherever you call home.  If you have a backyard, place it in the rear center of your property line, or fence.  If you live in an apartment or condo, place it at the very center rear wall.  Same with the dorm room, place it in the rear center wall of the space you occupy.

This is the first step to ensuring a healthier life for everyone living in the residence.

Life booster is a little trickier, as it requires a life analysis.  I usually don't recommend this set unless you know your birth time, as I need to ensure you truly have this type of health problem.  Some people don't know what hours they were born, which will make most life analysis only about 80% accurate.

Basically, we look for "Clashing Elements".  For example, if you have a lot of Water and Fire in your 4 Pillars.  We call that Water-Fire Clashing.  I will highly recommend that person watch out for their Heart, Eyes, Skin, Kidney, and Bladder.  As they will bound to have issues as they get older.  

The same goes for Wood and Metal for clashing elements.  It will Respiratory System, Liver, and Gallbladder.

Too much of one or two elements are not a good thing, the best way of life is to have "Balance" in all 5 elements.

Generally, I recommend them placing Clocks around the house to boost their health.  I went into more details in this other video about two weeks ago for Mirror and Clock.  Go watch that after this one for more information.

For people with ongoing health issues, I generally recommend a bedroom set in their bedroom.  They need to sleep in it though.  So if you are someone that travels a lot, or rarely sleeps at home, it does only gives reduced benefit.

I also went through more details in this other video.  So it depends on your birthday.  If you are a summer-born, you will place 1 Metal item on the East wall and 3 Water items on the other 3 walls of your bedroom, and a coin set underneath your bed.  Winter born would be 3 Fire items and 1 Wood item instead.

This will give an enhanced boost to your health as you would most likely be spending 1/3 of your day in the bedroom.

Lastly, we have the emergency health set.  This is for those who are recovering from surgery, getting ready for surgery, or are going through serious treatment, such as chemotherapy.

If space permits, we want to place a bowl or a bucket of water underneath that person's bed.  This is for emergency only and will give a quick boost for that person's health, in hope that he or she will survive that serious procedure or recovery.

So if you are reasonably healthy, don't just go and place a bucket of water underneath your bed tonight.  It might do the opposite for you.


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