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The Danger of Constructions for Homes & Businesses

  The most dangerous Sha... aka Negative Energy in the Feng Shui world.  And that is Construction.  That includes landscaping, infrastructure constructions, and building constructions.  Basically, anything that disturbs the ground.  Leaving it alone will bring all sorts of negative things in life, from wealth impact to affecting relationships to causing illnesses and injuries. Here in Utah for example, we are famous for Road Constructions everywhere. How do we identify which one will affect us? And which one will not? First, we review the route that we take in our everyday life. Are there any new constructions that popped up recently?  Is there one within a mile radius of your home, or your work?  Do you drive past a construction site every day when you go outside? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you have a problem...  Before we try to place sets to nullify the problem, we always check to see if we can just avoid it in the first place.  Perhaps you can avoid the co

Using Mirrors and Clocks to Improve Your Health

To what degrees are the dangers of randomly putting mirrors and clocks around your house?  It could be in a lot of trouble to your home if these items were placed incorrectly around your home.  What to avoid, and how to properly use mirrors and clocks.  When done correctly, it will provide great health benefits to your household.

The Golden rule is to never place these items facing a door or entryway.  Unless you know what you are doing.

Mirrors and clocks have this trait to absorb and bounce off the benefit AND harms in a different sector of the home.  If you are not sure what you are doing, you might end up bounce off negative energy all over your home, which induces a series of unnecessary bad luck for you and your family.

So how do we actually put the mirrors around our home?

A huge caution when trying to do it yourself, I always recommend getting professional advice when it comes to placing mirrors since they can be quite tricky.

There are two types of mirrors, Convex or Concave.   Convex is to reflect off energy.  Concave is to absorb energy.  The most common one is the Bagua Mirror. (

Never point a Convex mirror at your permanent Bad spot at home, every house has one, you may think it will deflect the bad energy off, but you are actually bouncing that energy to different parts of your home.  Don't do that.

Also, it is considered bad karma to point them directly toward your neighbor since your intent would be to absorb their energy for your own gain.  The problem is you don't know whether the energy you are absorbing is good or bad.  What if you absorbed a bunch of negative energy?  So just don't do that.

Because of how clocks spin, they have a similar absorption effect as mirrors.  Avoid placing them against any entry areas as well.  In Chinese culture, it is actually taboo to gift each other clocks as a gift, as it has the same sounding of someone passing away.

Clocks have different elements associated with them, which we can place in different parts of our home to improve certain organs of our life.

The most common clock is Wood element clocks, any clock made from Wood, has the color green, or shaped like a rectangle shape is considered a Wood element clock.  By placing them there, it can absorb the excessive Fire element thus improving our Heart, Eye, and Skin.

Grandfather Style:

Metal element clocks are shaped Round, made from Metal, or have the White/Gold/Silver color.  We can place them on the Northside of the house to absorb excessive Water elements, which can improve our Kidney and Bladder.

Earth Element clocks are shaped Square, made from Stone, or have Brown/Yellow color.  We can place them in either West or Northwest section of the house to absorb excessive Metal elements, which can improve our Respiratory system.

Water element clocks are shaped Wavy, made from Glass or Chains, or have the Blue/Black/Grey color.  We can place them in either East or Southeast of our homes.  This will absorb any excessive Wood element, thus improving our Liver and Gallbladder.

Finally, we have the Fire element clocks, I happen to have one right here behind me.  They have odd shapes, are made from plastic, or have the Red/Purple/Orange or Glowing color.  We can place them in the Northeast or Southwest section of our home to absorb excessive Earth elements to improve our Abs, Stomach, or Intestine.

My Clock: (They don't make red anymore...)


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