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How I Became a Feng Shui Millionaire at 36

My name is Tony Lau.  I just want to share my story here of how I became a Feng Shui Millionaire at age 36.  So I am 38 now.  I started the YouTube channel earlier this year as a way to give back to the community.  There is a lot of knowledge in the Feng Shui world that is kept secret, and I want to share the information with the rest of the world. I was born in Hong Kong.  My mother was really into Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, she frequently gets our lives analyzed when my siblings and I were young.  I ended up studying with my first mentor through this customer relationship that my parent established. Then I came to the United States with my parents during the 90s.  I kept in contact with my mentor back in Hong Kong, and I make attempt to re-visit Hong Kong each year.  Eventually, I lost contact with him, and later I found out that he passed away. I have studied under different mentors since then. Eventually, I opened my own Feng Shui practice here in Utah in 2007.  Up until that

How to Boost your Front Door with Feng Shui

Today I will revisit the topic of how to boost your Front Door. How to find the right front door? What are some of the basic and simple ways to boost the luck for your front door? And what are some of the more advanced methods? Between now to 2024, Northwest and Southeast are the ideal directions.  The basic setup will always be Water items by the front door and white river rock in the rear. There is also the concern of finding the "Right" door.  Facing comes in 24 variations, also known as the 24 mountain.  Northwest and Southeast are the ideal directions until 2024. For advanced setup, we will use the element to further boost the door:   North, use 4 lucky bamboos and an old key, or other metal objects Northeast, use gray carpet with wall light East, use a coffee color carpet with 4 lucky bamboos Southeast, use yellow carpet with one lucky bamboo South, use pink carpet with any type of plants Southwest, use a gray Carpet with wall light West,  use a black carpet Northwest,

Traveling with Feng Shui

 In this video, I will tell you everything you need to know about traveling with Feng Shui. Where you need to go to get some good luck? And where you want to avoid bad luck... Does it matter where you stay? Anything has to with what you eat? And what happens if you did the complete opposite? Whether you are traveling for a vacation or going to work every day. That is traveling.  The general rule is that if you were born in the Spring/Summer, travel:  N, NW, W, SW directions.  Autumn/Winter borns will travel S, SE, E, NE directions. Early in the year, I mentioned the luck projection for every one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Not everyone was good, and I recommended some of them to travel. There is a reason for that. When you travel in the "right" direction, you can improve your luck in a positive direction. Obviously, doing the opposite would have the reverse effect. Especially for this year, if your sign is the Ox, Snake, Monkey, or Pig. Then you should definitely consider tr

How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen

  In this video, I will go through exactly how you can Feng Shui in your kitchen.  Identify if there is a risk to your kitchen.  How to mitigate the risk to avoid getting sick if there is a bad spot in your kitchen. The most obvious problem to a Feng Shui practitioner is the permanent negative spot overlaps with the Kitchen.  Every home has a bad spot, it is also known as the "Five Ghost" spot.   When we went through the annual Feng Shui, we mentioned Black Star #2 and Yellow Star #5.  If the stars overlap with your kitchen.  Place the copper coin with gray cloth set, and in additionally place a yellow card underneath the oven. This next step is a bit advanced, for those that new to Feng Shui.  Currently, we are in the 8th cycle from 2004 to 2023.  There are a total of 9 cycle, which repeats every 180 years.   The key thing is to see if you have the star 2, 3, 5 in a single sector that happens to be in your kitchen.  We call the owner's curse.  This is one of the more sev